Out of Home advertising

Out of Home (OOH) media encompass all the advertising materials and publicity appearances that we encounter outside our homes. They are unavoidable in our daily routine.

They are everywhere:

  • while driving the car
  • while waiting for the bus
  • while grocery shopping
  • in the doctor’s surgery
  • or even at the hairdresser’s.

The backbone of OOH campaigns is made up of classic public space advertising surfaces, such as billboards and citylights, or now also traditional vehicle advertising. As they can be found in significant numbers throughout the country, they offer a wide territorial coverage and thus a broad reach of the target group. Their advantages are a relatively large advertising surface, precise designability and quantifiable effectiveness.

We believe that the classic tools are the basis of OOH advertising, which is why we have included them in our portfolio.

But there is always someone who wants to stand out! Luckily, over the last 10 years, advertisers’ need for different and unique solutions has grown in Spain. Moving billboards, branded bicycles and segways, commonly referred to as ambient media tools, have appeared on the streets.

Because of their diversity and uniqueness, more and more companies are incorporating the use of these tools in their communications. Their main characteristic, and also their aim, is to amaze: they reach consumers in surprising places, situations and, above all, with surprising advertising surfaces. Our experiences show that the target group is open and receptive to this kind of advertising.

About us

Our company, the Hungarian PromoGroup, started its Hungarian career as a franchise partner of the parent company in England with the introduction of a special advertising bicycle.

The success of PromoBike bicycles has encouraged us to increase the portfolio and develop more unique promotional tools. Our enthusiasm is unbroken; every now and then we hit the streets with a new media tool that always generates a lot of interest in the people. The PEOPLE who are the target group of our clients.

We could write at length about the potential of Out of Home media, but the essence is two words:

Endless diversity.

Since Marshall McLuhan we know that

„the medium is the message”.

This idea becomes very tangible and visible as soon as we step out onto the street and encounter the first advertisement that comes in our way. How does it make you feel? Is it sophisticated, well placed, special? Maybe neglected or almost unnoticeable? Let’s hope it’s the former. Most of all, because these adjectives are associated with the brand on the advertisement…

Our job is not only to hope, but to do, so our customers’ Out of Home appearances evoke the most positive feelings possible in the target group - and, of course, encourage them to try the product or service.

From the summer of 2021 we have been running advertising campaigns not only in the catchment area of Hungary but also in Spain.